Coffee Flavors – Powder or Liquid?

Like a lot of other folks when we get up and start our day, or afternoon, or evening, depending on where we work and what we do, many of us like a cup or more of coffee to start.

Last month while shopping at Winco – yeah, like many other folks here, it’s a great store to shop at and with reasonable prices, I wanted to get some more coffee cream, but when I saw the price of them in the Dairy section, I debated long and hard whether to get them or not while I continued my shopping. When I went down the coffee aisle, I just happen to see some coffee flavorings in powder form made by ‘Hills Brothers’. They were about the same price as the liquid, but in realizing they wouldn’t need to be put into the Ice Box and kept cold, I decided to purchase three – White Chocolate Caramel, Double Mocha, and English Toffee – all three being Cappuccino’s. They were under $4.00 and since I wanted to treat myself again while not having to go and make a cocoa flavoring from cocoa powder, cinnamon, and powdered cloves, I tossed them into my basket.

The next day when I got up and made coffee, I tried the White Chocolate Caramel and loved it! I couldn’t wait to try the others, but realize that sometimes when I have more than one ‘large’ cup of coffee (which my enamelware mug holds 4 cups) and don’t eat right away, I’ll get the caffeine shakes. The next day I tried the Double Mocha, then following tried the English Toffee and am very happy with them!

On my last trip to Winco, I bought the French Vanilla flavor and before I open that container, I will use up the others, which are almost gone! Either way, the containers are recyclable, which is important as far as I’m concerned, but the nice square containers can also be used to store small items in, while crafters can decorate them with paper or fabric and sell them. The labels look like they come off fairly easy and with a great imagination, they could be made to look attractive!

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