Cooking with: “Fort Worth Stockyards” – Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke –

When shopping and looking for the Colgin that I come to enjoy and tried in a few dishes, I found another wonderful seasoning to add to my many concoctions, which is: “Fort Worth Stockyards” – Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke.

I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find the Colgin brand, but while looking in the same area, which this time was at Wally World, I just happened to notice the label and wondered how it tasted, so I bought a bottle! In the back of my mind though I wondered if it was going to be the same in getting another bottle like the Colgin brand, and unfortunate it was! Again though, I didn’t find out until I opened the bottle, tried it on some of my concoctions, and decided that I really needed to get another bottle. Well, when I went back, and like previously mentioned, there were no more bottles! When I asked one of the employees, their reply was similar to that of other ‘warehouse’ style grocery stores in that you can never expect to find something you like, as the store will decide what they feel is their biggest income and seller, then order just that! Is it only about sales and how much more money they can get, with the consumer being left in the cold and having to scramble or look for other outlets for any one of too many products to choose from?

I’ve been using this product sparingly and unfortunately since the WalMart Supercenter I got it at doesn’t have it now, I’m with hope to find it again one day and purchase as many bottles as I can afford, or contact someone who is willing to take orders if there is a store near them that carries it all the time!!

It’s made in TEXAS, and if you’d like to see what it looks like, following is their website:

Again, it’s a wonderful sauce to use, and though I have yet to try it while barbecuing, it’s well worth your money!

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