I have such a wide variety of music that I listen to, while ‘obviously’ Country and Western being my favorite! I use to listen to Rock ‘n’ Roll during junior and senior high back from 1964 when just starting junior high, to 1971 when graduating high school, while I also switching between Country on KFOX and KLAC (I think KFOX is no longer around), and before KROQ came on the scene and ruined the airwaves, I also use to listen to KTWO out of Casper, Wyoming, which is a Country station. It was really great as while I listened, especially when they’d do the weather report, it would be hot and dry in the San Fernando Valley or Encino where I lived then, while cold and snowing in Wyoming. I’d dream of what it’d be like there for even a visit, while I did drive through Laramie, Wyoming back in 1983 when coming back to California from Albany, New York.

When I stayed with my late granny in La Puente in the San Gabriel Valley before going for a visit to upstate New York, I listened to Country most often, though when I’d out dancing on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, most bars I’d go to didn’t play Country music to dance to, excepting when I’d go to North Hollywood to a cool Cowboy Bar! Then when I came back to California, a lot of the old places I had frequented had changed or changed hands and were closed down!

One bar I remember that I really enjoyed going to was another cool Cowboy Bar in Pomona, and though I forget the name, I had a lot of fun dancing and fit-in more since they were real Rodeo Folks, though younger than some of the folks at other bars and nightclubs I attended!

It’s hard to find a good dancing bar now, while the only one I know of anywhere close to the Antelope Valley is the ‘Cowboy Palace‘ in Chatsworth, down in the San Fernando Valley (Cowboy Palace at MySpace). The next bar I’d go to and would like to one day, is Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, Ca. Buck Owens Crystal Palace &/or Rock A Billy Hall.

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