Glenna Bell – Great New ‘Traditional’ Country Artist

One day while on-line, and possibly on MySpace in my own account, and searching the Internet for music, I just happened upon this gal named ‘Glenna Bell’ and her wonderful music! The one tune that really attracted me was: Be My Valentine (On Christmas)! I played it at least twelve times that day and later on wrote a nice letter to her telling her that she reminded me of the ‘late, great’ Loretta Lynn! Well, I received a really nice reply telling me that Loretta Lynn was one of her idols.

I wrote quite a few letters to her and received a reply to everyone, which was so nice! Now I get newsletters telling me where she’s going, as well as the fun she had, and experiences!

She’s a wonderful singer and in my book, is ‘100% Pure Country’! Her voice, the way she dresses, where she lives, her style – all ‘Country’!

Like Johnny Cash, Glenna Bell delivers her pieces that are raw and bare boned, while capturing the very essence of how country music was, is, and should always be. (Rearranged Press Release).

I’m not sure if Glenna’s scheduled to do a gig here in Southern California, but if she did, and even if it was at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace and I could afford the trip, plus fuel, I would most definitely go see her! In listening to her pieces on her MySpace page, as well as her website, is enough to have me wishing she was playing here, plus that I could afford to go see her! I’d be in ‘Seventh Heaven’, while I’d hope to be able to sit in or near the front row and stage; she’s that good, and I really like her! Like mentioned above, she’s what country was, is, and should always be!

Far too many entertainers seem to have the need to wear fancy and expensive clothing, which to me is not really Country! Sure, when they go to an awards function, some do dress up and look real nice, but what does having been voted ‘Top’ entertainer got to do with how you look? Is it about how much money they have and how much they can spend on clothing, or is it about them as an entertainer?

When I listen to her pieces and look at the pictures of her on her albums, I daydream about days-gone-by; eating grits with ham and cheese; griddle-cakes; and snuggling up with someone in front of a roaring fire in a cabin while it’s either cold outside, or snowing! She reminds me of back around June of 1973 to August of 1982 when I worked at a Riding Stables in the City of Industry, and had made some wonderful friends with other Cowboys and Cowgirls, whom I miss! Those were days when I had so much fun as well, while helping at some Rodeo’s and Horse Shows on weekends, and hitting Cowboy Bars on Friday and Saturday nights in Pomona to go to the Western Dances! Line dancing especially, which the only bar that seems to have it anymore, is down in Chatsworth called: The ‘Cowboy Palace’! You can ride your horse there and tie him/her to a rail while you go inside and dance the night away, while also listening to wonderful entertainment!

I am also reminded of the days when I lived in San Francisco back from about 1984 to 1990. I was a charter member of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association: Bay Area Chapter, and had a blast! I didn’t have the nicest or most expensive truck – though I did have a truck; didn’t have a grand and glorious job – drove semi’s at the time – container freight with a local company; lived just three blocks from Union Square and not on a nice ranch or home on property somewhere like a few of the other members; was never treated as an outcast at any Play day’s or Rodeo’s, while being most welcomed in helping to set up and take down equipment before and after the events. Not so though when the group started to disband and go their separate ways, while a few weeks later a new president took over and it wasn’t the same anymore! Anyway, Glenna’s look and singing style reminds me so much of so many wonderful days and times I had!

I am also reminded of a wonderful friend I had at Mulholland Junior High in Van Nuys back in 1967. When I felt like I could not fit-in and was having a lot of family problems, especially due to my late father, I was so afraid to even think about making friends until this really special guy came along and accepted me as not only a friend, but made me feel as though I was his little brother! I miss him as well, but time goes on! His family moved to Seattle, Washington not long after we both graduated high school. I went to Reseda and he went to Birmingham.

Glenna Bell’s look and style also reminds me of days-gone-by when there use to be great hootenannies to go to! Not anymore, or at least not here in California that I know of!

I toast my mug of ale to Glenna Bell and may she continue to glow with that wonderful Country look, charm, and singing style she has!

To learn more about Glenna Bell and her music, follow the link below.

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