Having been raised in a Methodist Church while not only being different and unique at the time, I also didn’t really fit-in! There was too much deceit and discrimination at the time, while also clicks! I wasn’t into drugs at the time, most of which used ‘in the church groups’ being Marijuana. In fact there was several of us who though we were members of the Junior and Senior High groups, as well as the College Age, we were all outcast and not teased horribly!

When I was old enough to go my own way, I dropped out of those ‘so called’ religious groups and followed my own path while learning more about myself and what made me tick! While attending this Methodist Church, one of the associate pastors had counseled me at one time when there was a lot of family problems – mostly due to my late father – and I found out that I wasn’t the only ‘unique’ individual at the time! Unfortunately though at the time there was no one else I could turn to for help or advice, not even when the associate pastor had made suggestions to my parents. My father became very angered when he dare mention that I was ‘normal’ and that there was nothing wrong with me! My father was very abusive of both my mother and I, and I wasn’t really allowed to have friends at the time, while I really didn’t know how to make any either! The only ‘so-called’ friends I was allowed to have, were those through the church, which were the same ones that teased me, put me down, and beat me up at times!

Around 1968 or 1969, while my parents were separated, I ventured out to a Catholic Church and Synagogue to search for answers to my questions. Soon I found out that there were no answers at the Catholic Church, while when I talked to a Rabbi at a Synagogue, he told me about my ‘Life’s Path’ and how I would find my direction in life, plus that belief I felt comfortable with and not to let any religion tell me I had to be of theirs or suffer different consequences! He said that one day I’d find out about my path and where I would fit-in.

It was a long hard struggle and one that I would not wish on my worst enemy, but when I moved out to stay with my late granny in La Puente, I started to learn more about myself with my late granny’s encouragement and help!

The first thing I learned about myself, was that I had/have the knack for writing wonderful stories and in great detail so that the reader feels as though they are there in the story! My late granny had read a couple that I had written in ‘long-hand’ and was very impressed while encouraging me to continue, which I am.

The next thing I learned about myself was the love for Horses and Rodeo’s. I got myself a job across the highway at the Riding Stables (I had worked at a couple stables during junior and senior high as well, while also having paper routes, mowing lawns, and other odd jobs) and the first day started making friends, while also finding out from one gal that I was ‘okay’! She could tell how different I was and let me know that I had nothing to fear! After that, I relaxed and was treated no different than anyone else there at the Stables. I worked amongst Cowboys and Cowgirls while starting to learn about Rodeo’s and Horse Shows, plus spending a lot of quality time with everyone there. That was around 1972 when I first moved out to live with granny. I also served an apprenticeship with a Farrier (person that trims horses hooves and puts on horse shoes), but after six months quit working with him out of disgust of his use and sale of drugs, while he also operated a prostitution ring at one of the Ranch’s and wanted me to help.

I knew back in 1966 or 1967 that my Great Grandmother passed on. Both of my parents sat me down to tell me, but I surprised them when I told them! Both my late brother and I were connected to her in a spiritual sense, but I was the one to have the vision and know that she passed on. A few years later I was driving my pickup truck from granny’s to the mall (Puente Hills Mall just off the 60 freeway at Azusa Av.), and saw how my brother was going to die, but I did not know really who it was, just that it was someone close to or part of our family. I notified my mother, but since I had no idea who it was, there wasn’t much we could do! Then in February of 1979 he passed on from an automobile accident while riding and bar hopping with his best friend. Mom and I then knew that the vision I had was about Scott. To this day I still miss him – mom and I both do!

I have had visions of a few Artist friends pass on, while I also knew when my other granny (mother’s mother) was going to pass on. Not the exact day or how, but one Christmas I so much wanted to go and couldn’t! My cousin was not able to come get me, while I was too far away for my mother to get me either, and I didn’t  have neither the transportation, nor the money to take a bus, so they had a good time while I missed out! That was the last time I could have seen her alive as she passed on a few years later, and I knew!

I then started to pay attention more to the visions that I was having and experienced many that told me of changes in my life and future, with many moves, as well as the ‘evil’ within a wide variety of people. People that I’d rent from, and people that I’d come across at school, and elsewhere!

Two Indians (American, not from overseas) at different times in my life, told me about my life’s path and the connection to the Spirit World. I have had a very wonderful education from both while the last one, whom I met in Stockton, interpreted some nightmares that I had been having, and as soon as I did what he said, those nightmares became my Spirit Guide. I had to learn how to invite that Shadow Bear into my life as my Bear Spirit Guide, which I did, and since have not had any more of those horrendous nightmares. I do have many though about homelessness, of which I have been in the past!

I now focus on those visions when I can and when I’m not in such emotional turmoil so I know when changes are coming, though I still don’t know how things will turn out! I can see changes, and especially moves, but not when the change is going to take place, just a ‘rough idea’. It depends on the strength of my vision of how long it will be before the changes happen. It could be within six weeks or a year. Most have been a year. I also focus on ‘good things’ to happen to and for me, while having a home is most important and a great income! Friends are also important, while family is as well!

If I could get a winning lottery ticket or mega millions, I’d purchase the biggest piece of land I could find in either San Bernardino County, or Kern, and build it up to be a ‘home with open doors’. It would be a place where dreams and wishes for many others besides myself, could come true, while it would be similar to an Intentional Community. I’m not sure though if that’s part of my life’s path, though I sure wish it was!!

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